Saint Bernadette’s Church has several members who participate in the choir at both the Saturday evening and Sunday morning mass.

We are always looking for individuals to join the choir, no matter your skill level.


Anne – Anne has retired from the choir, we are so very thankful for her many years of service. 

Anne began piano lessons at age 9, she began to play the organ in 1990 at a previous church. In 2000 she joined Saint Bernadette’s church and has been the organist ever since.  Anne’s smiling face can be found at the organ at both Saturday evening and Sunday morning masses.


Margaret has always enjoyed singing, bursting into song just because she felt like it.  Joining high school choir, she was even invited to Area Allstate.  But, after high school, her singing was mostly to the car radio and the church pews (with just a little karaoke mixed in).  Around 2001, Margaret and her husband moved to Duncannon and found St. Bernadette’s Church.  A delightful lady was sitting next to her and after Mass,  asked her if she’d like to join the choir.  Margaret agreed, and just a couple days later got a call from little Miss Anne, the church organist.  Sharing that she has no idea how to sight read music, she was still welcomed with open arms.  At that moment, Margaret met two of her best friends on earth.   Miss Anne just plays the notes and Denise plays her guitar singing along, and eventually Margaret figures it out.  But they are always ready by the time Mass starts.


Mary has always been involved in choirs and glee clubs through the years. She was a member of St. Bernadette’s parish for several years before joining the choir. Other church members had suggested she joined over the years but it was at a social get together when Father Dijo suggested she join the choir; she took the step and joined. She has been enjoying being a part of the choir ever since!


Denise has been part of the music ministry for about 28 years at St. Bernadette’s and participated in the music at mass as a youth in her hometown church. We are always looking for additional members to join us with singing and instruments. It is a very spiritually fulfilling experience each Sunday, come join us!

Jean – Jean is now singing with the angels in heaven, we miss her so.

Jean has been involved with the choir at St. Bernadette’s church for about 20 years, before joining St. Bernadette’s church Jean was involved with the choir at her previous church. Several years ago an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist examined her vocal chords and suggested she rest them for six months as they showed some atrophy, Jean rested for a few weeks; after sitting in the pew she decided the choir needed a leader and began singing again and she is still singing in the choir. Jean loves to sing!