Fifth Sunday of Easter

Dear Parishioners,

The parish mission to be preached by Father William Casey, CPM (a Father of Mercy), has been moved to this week (April 29 – May 3). Father Bill has been caring for his seriously ill mother for several weeks and due to a mix-up with the person in charge of his scheduling, he was unable to come last week. He is here this weekend and throughout most of this week. Please come to his 7p evening conferences as he is a most dynamic speaker, an inspirational preacher and a very holy priest.

His 7 p.m. talks will be:

  • SUNDAY, Apr. 29 @ OLGC (Marysville)
  • MONDAY, Apr. 30 @ SB (Duncannon)
  • TUESDAY, May 1 @ OLGC (Marysville)
  • WEDNESDAY, May 2 @ SB (Duncannon)
  • THURSDAY, May 3 @ OLGC (Marysville)

Pope Francis condemned the common habit of chatting with people around you before & after Mass, stressing that this is a time for silent prayer, when we prepare our hearts for an encounter with the Lord. “When we go to Mass, maybe we arrive five minutes before, and we start to chit-chat with those in front of us,” the Pope said. However, “it is not a moment for chit-chat. It is a moment of silence for preparing ourselves for dialogue, a time for the heart to collect itself in order to prepare for the encounter with Jesus,” he said, adding that “silence is so important.” Continuing his new catechesis on the Eucharist, the Pope recalled his message the week prior, that the Mass is not a show, but a place where we encounter the Lord. In this encounter, he said, silence is what “prepares us and accompanies us.”